Marble Coated Tawa/Griddle/Paratha Pan

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Marble Coated Tawa Details

Marble coating on aluminum cookware provides users with several benefits, including improved non-stick properties, easy-to-clean surfaces, and enhanced durability. The non-stick properties of aluminum cookware with marble coating allow users to cook food with minimal oil or butter, making it a healthier alternative.

The marble coating also makes the cookware easier to clean because food particles will not stick as easily. Lastly, aluminum cookware with marble coating is more durable than aluminum cookware without this coating, as it has a higher resistance to scratching, staining, and corrosion.

SK Cookware brings the Best Non-Stick Marble Coated Tawa/Griddle/Paratha Pan for you. Place your Order now only and get it delivered to your home.  

Our Tawa is designed for Every Home. We are the best cookware brand in Kenya with the most versatile and durable nonstick cookware, marble-coated cookware, aluminum cookware, metal finish cookware, melamine kitchenware, anodized cookware, and pressure cooker range.


  • Heavy Gauge Thickness
  • Premium Quality
  • Stain Resistance and Sturdy Grip Handle
  • Aluminum Alloy 3003 Series  
  • Totally TOXIN-FREE Product
  • 3 Layer PTFE Non-Stick Coating
  • Less Oil Usage More Healthy Cooking 
  • Easy-Clean 
  • Outer Coating(optional)


There is no need for excessive oil to make crispy paratha or roti on our superior quality non-stick Tawa. 

A perfect stylish body of our non-stick Tawa is manufactured from heavy gauge high-quality pure aluminum which ensures even heat distribution for better cooking and results in fantastic performance throughout the kitchen. The heat-resistant and ergonomic handles with a smooth finish are double riveted to give a strong grip and a luxurious exterior look. 

Our cookware is suitable for gas and electric glass stovetops. Dishwasher safe but hand-washing is recommended to preserve the appearance of cookware.

Your nonstick cookware should last three to five years if you care for it appropriately.



What is the USP of this product?

This is a totally toxin-free product. It doesn’t use any chemicals either in its construction or in the manufacturing process, thereby, it doesn’t release toxins or any harmful chemicals during cooking. If you want to cook in the safest cookware for you and your family, this ceramic cookware is just perfect for you!

What is the cookware made of?

It features the most innovative technology to give it sturdiness and longevity.

Is this cookware non-reactive?

Yes. The entire range of SK Cookware is non-reactive, thereby, doesn’t change either the taste or look of the food.


What is the handle made of?

It has a very sturdy and comfortable handle made by high-quality Bakelite that will make your gripping and maneuvering very easy.

How to clean the cookware?

It is very easy to clean the cookware. You can simply clean it with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or dishcloth. To remove burnt food, you can soak the cookware in hot water for 30 minutes before washing. However, refrain from sudden temperature changes. Don’t run cold water over the hot pan, let it cool down first. Wash using only a mild detergent with a soft dishcloth or sponge. Do not use scouring pads of any type.

Is induction suitable?

No. The base of the cookware is grooved which does not make it ideal for induction.

Is the dishwasher safe?

Yes. Though you are recommended to hand wash it.

SK Cookware is the Brand of Excellence and serving its customers for the last 50 years.

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26cm, 30cm, 35cm


Black, Cream, Red


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