Anodize Round Casserole with Handle

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SK Cookware Premium Quality Anodize Round Casserole with Lid and Handles is designed for Every Home because we have the best cookware products with high-quality materials and premium manufacturing. If you want to get delivered to your home then do order now.

Round Casserole with Handle 1 19 cm 9.5 cm 2.5 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 2 21 cm 10.5 cm 3 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 3 23 cm 11 cm 4.5 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 4 26 cm 12.5 cm 6 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 5 28 cm 14 cm 8.5 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 6 31 cm 15.5 cm 10.5 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 7 33 cm 17 cm 13.5 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 8 37 cm 18 cm 18 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 9 39 cm 20 cm 22.5 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 10 41 cm 21 cm 27 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 11 43 cm 23 cm 32 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 12 46 cm 25 cm 40 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 13 48 cm 25 cm 44 ltr
Round Casserole with Handle 14 50 cm 26 cm 50 ltr

Anodized aluminum cookware is made from aluminum that has been electrochemically treated to form a strong, durable oxide layer. This oxide layer helps to protect the aluminum from damage and makes the cookware highly resistant to scratches, dents, warping, and other damage. Anodized cookware is harder, more durable, and more resistant to corrosion than metal-finish aluminum cookware. It is also more expensive than metal finish cookware.

SK Cookware is the perfect fit for your home.

This high-quality casserole is a great helper for your kitchen, saving time and effort without having to spend a lot of time cleaning. It can bring delicious and healthy dishes to your family.

SK Cookware Premium Quality Anodize Round Casserole (Daigchi) Features:

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Food Grade
  • Ultra-Durable Kitchen Set
  • ECO-Friendly
  • Free from Side Effects
  • Fast & Economical Cooking
  • Multi-Functional
  • Totally TOXIN-FREE Product

SK Cookware is the best cookware brand in Kenya with the most wanted and durable nonstick cookware, aluminum cookware, melamine dinnerware, and pressure cooker range.

Precaution while Cooking

  • Always pay attention when preheating to avoid overheating and fire.
  • To prevent damage, avoid storing salt food in cookware.
  • If you use a low or medium flame, you are likely to get better results.
  • Cookware should always be kept clean when not used.
  • Complete your kitchen collection with this essential design, perfect for any home by SK Cookware products.

Benefits of Aluminum Cookware:

Aluminum is a great conductor of heat and this is why it heats up easily when you’re cooking and it heats up evenly as well. When you heat up things evenly the cooking becomes much faster so it is really convenient for people who are cooking in the kitchen. This is why it is preferred over other metals.

The double diversion port design can save time and effort by dumping left and right, and the concave diversion port design on the edge of the pot body is convenient for pouring, and it is not spilled smoothly.


What is the USP of this product?

This is a totally toxin-free product. It doesn’t use any chemicals either in its construction or in the manufacturing process, thereby, doesn’t release toxins or any harmful chemicals during cooking. If you want to cook in the safest cookware for you and your family, this ceramic cookware is just perfect for you!

What is the cookware made of?

It features the most innovative combination of ‘Silicon + Oxygen Ceramic to give it sturdiness and longevity.

Is it safe?

The cookware range of SK Cookware most durable, the best cookware brand in Kenya, and the strength to give you the safest product that is totally toxin-free.

Is this cookware non-reactive?

Yes. The entire range of SK Cookware doesn’t react to food at all, thereby, doesn’t change either the taste or look of the food.

Does it heat evenly?

Its thick base ensures that the heat distribution is swift and uniform. The faster heating enables quick cooking and helps you save cooking gas as well as effort.

What is the handle made of?

It has a very sturdy and comfortable handle made with a high-quality metal finish that will make your gripping and maneuvering very easy. The cookware features a revolutionary germ-free silicone handle with extra-large rivets that make the handle super strong and safe to handle.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes. Its thick body promotes even heat distribution and prevents hot spots, thereby, there are no food scraps left on the bottom after cooking. It is non-porous and has a very smooth surface that makes cleaning hassle-free.

How to clean the cookware?

It is very easy to clean the cookware. You can simply clean it with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or dishcloth. To remove burnt food, you can soak the cookware in hot water for 30 minutes before washing. However, refrain from sudden temperature changes. Don’t run cold water over the hot pan, let it cool down first. Wash using only a mild detergent with a soft dishcloth or sponge. Do not use scouring pads of any type.

Is induction suitable?

No, It’s Not. The base of the cookware has a smaller perforation that makes it ideal for induction.

Is it dishwasher-safe?

Yes. Though you are recommended to hand wash it.

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19cm, 21cm, 23cm, 26cm, 28cm, 31cm, 33cm, 37cm, 39cm, 41cm, 43cm, 46cm, 48cm, 50cm


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